Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour 2022 Weight Loss Resolutions

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Grandpa Bill Asks  What Will You SNACK  on tonight for New Years Eve & Weekend? Have You Gained Weight in 2021? We all know from modern health research that our gut microbiome is what we’re really talking here.  Grandpa Bill today again revisits about all the bacteria and fungi and other microorganisms that live in our body, that in actuality are critical for our health, and on a cell by cell basis, they outnumber our own human cells, about 10 to one, according to many medical researchers and their individual and collective sources. So we have this awareness, and  for some it’s a relatively new thing with the worlds population. But it certainly has been accepted and all kinds of people, regular people who take pharmaceuticals and are consumers of the allopathic health care system also take probiotics.   Grandpa Bill talks here about sap·ro·phyte a plant, fungus, or microorganism that lives on dead or decaying organic matter.if you’re a mouth breather, your throat is filtering out the air, but it’s not doing it occasionally, it’s doing it 24/7, 365, because you’re always breathing. And so the contaminants and toxins in the air and pollution build up, they stick to those tissues in the throat.Now, this is one possible cause,  not one thing is  this definitive, but essentially, then the tissue can’t function appropriately, it’s damaged, because of the buildup of too much,  your body's filters are clogged up, essentially, and so your body has to then initiate a program for the filter change. The public is seeing how much fraudulent science is being misused to support a false narrative in a lot of ways. MORE ABOUT WATER SEE THIS VIDEO Veda Austin & Seth Pruzansky FASCINATING! --- Send in a voice message:

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