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If u r a new mom or going to be parents I bet u have a million doubts ,worries and questions. Well then u have come to the right place,sitback and listen to my podcast ,,maybe by the end of it u feel a bit more relaxed😊 I may not be proud if anything in my life ,but I am super proud of my kids and with confidence I can say I am a damn good Mom.👍 To get this confidence u have to live the journey of motherhood like I have,and I will be sharing my stories and experiences with u along the way. Also go and check my YouTube channel. AaoBateinKarein,for more fun videos.🥳 If u want to send a personilsed message to a loved one ,go check out my Instagram.All details there. Just think of a message and AaoBateinKarein will make it for u 🤩I hope u all have many loved ones who u would want to share personalised messages to from Missu ,Getwell soon,Goodnight, I am sorry to many more. We also do special story or proposal messages. Even ur picture can be used in messages. So do try once 👍 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. <a href=""></a>

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