每日英語跟讀 Ep.K285: About France - 法國高空熱氣球上的世界紀錄與地堡變旅館

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K285: About France - French balloonist breaks world record for standing on hot-air balloon at altitude A 28-year-old Frenchman broke the world record Wednesday for standing on a hot-air balloon at altitude. Rémi Ouvrard stood on top of a hot-air balloon for France’s Telethon at an altitude of more than 3,637 meters over Chatellerault, western France. 一名28歲法國人週三打破站在高空熱氣球上的世界紀錄,黑彌.巫伏哈為了法國的電視馬拉松節目,站在法國西部城市沙泰勒羅上空高度超過3637公尺的熱氣球頂部。 The balloon was piloted by Ouvrard’s father, Jean-Daniel Ouvrard, a seasoned pilot. The altitude was not random: It matches the phone number digits of the Telethon campaign, 36-37, an annual event that raises money for research and advocacy related to rare neuromuscular diseases. The hot-air balloon reached a peak altitude of 4,016 meters. 這具熱氣球由巫伏哈的父親、經驗豐富的飛行員炯-丹尼耶勒.巫伏哈所操駕。此一高度並非選意選擇:它符合了這個電視馬拉松運動的電話號碼數字36-37,這是為罕見神經肌肉疾病的研究和宣傳而募款的年度活動。這具熱氣球最高高度達到4016公尺。 Once he landed after his feat Wednesday, he told local reporters he experienced “a feeling of ‘zenitude’ mixed with the excitement of the performance.” 週三當他結束壯舉落地後,告訴當地記者他經歷到「一種『禪意』與表演的興奮相混合的感覺」。 “When we passed the 3,500 meters, I knew that we could get the 4,000. We had to beat the iron when it was still hot,” he said. 當我通過3500公尺時,我知道我們可以升到4000公尺。他說:「我們得打鐵趁熱。」 Next Article Room without a view - French war bunker reborn as guesthouse無景之房:法國戰時地堡重生為旅館 A bunker built by German troops in Saint-Pabu in northern France during World War Two has been restored and refitted as an underground guesthouse. 納粹德國軍隊第二次世界大戰期間在法國北部聖帕比建造的一座地下碉堡已重見天日,並被改造成地下旅館。 Serge Colliou bought up a plot of land there and spent 18 months digging out and renovating the 400-square-meter structure, turning it into rental for up to eight people, complete with bar and living room. 薩傑.科里奧在當地買下一塊土地後,花費18個月挖掘並整修此一佔地400平方公尺的建築,改造成最高可容納8人的出租空間,內部還附設酒吧和客廳。 "We adapted (the bunker) while preserving a certain feel," Colliou said. "We wanted to give the building a second life, so we are not going to live in the past forever. We saved some aspects, you know where you are, there are historic cues, but this isn’t a museum either." 科里奧說:「我們改建(地堡)之際,也保留某種風情。我們想要賦予這個建築第二生命,而不是永遠活在過去。我們保存某部分外觀,你會知道自己身在何處,可以看到歷史線索,但這裡不會是博物館。」 War-time touches in Bunker L479 include helmets, reproduction guns and signs on the walls. Both German and French guests have stayed there since it opened a year ago, Colliou said. Source article:;

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