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Grandpa Bill will SOON be welcoming Dr.Jeff Feinman to my show Prelude to Dr. Jeffrey Fineman Appearance If you would like to ask the Dr. Questions Please leave a message at TODAYS podcast show message board YOU MUST SUBMIT THEM BY THIS FRIDAY Dec .17th Where, when, and if applicable. What is your pets biggest health issue? Would you like to ask a question about your pets health from Dr .Feinman? Holistic Actions-If you’re here to find helpful, trustable guidance on how to give your pet their happiest, healthiest life, you’ve come to the right place! EVERY PET IS UNIQUE:THE IMPORTANCE OF SYMPTOMS Every animal, like each person, is unique and thrives on lifestyle changes and treatment interventionsthat are tailored to fit their individual needs. By learning to use your pet’s symptoms as valuable clues for optimizing every aspect of their life, you’ll be able to treat them with highly individualized approaches. It’s important to understand that by the time your pet exhibits outward symptoms that trouble has been brewing for some time. Symptoms are what happens when there’s enough “smoke” in your pet’s system to trip the “fire alarm.” But where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and it’s not enough to silence the fire alarm (simply suppress symptoms). You need to find the fire and put it out! And then repair the damage by rebuilding vitality and balance.  “ BH Sales has Always invoked an "us" together approach, nurturing belief, friendship, and relationship building.Which are vital elements of success. BH Sales and you, Together We can accomplish amazing things as a "team.”Today is the day you can change your life FOREVER More info regarding Lyme Disease in todays epidode WELCOME and Thanks for Joining Us! Cited Article Listed Below --- Send in a voice message:

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