每日英語跟讀 Ep.K288: About US - 日行兩善六年級學生受表揚與紐約大改變

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更多通勤學英語Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 歡迎到官網用email訂閱我們節目更新通知。 老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢: 每日英語跟讀 Ep.K288: About US - Oklahoma sixth-grader praised for heroism twice in one day An Oklahoma sixth-grader was honored by law enforcement and school officials for his heroic actions not just once, but twice in the same day. 因為一天之內不僅一次,而是兩次的英勇行為,奧克拉荷馬州一名六年級學生受到執法單位與學校官員的表揚。 Earlier this month, Davyon Johnson used the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate who was choking on a bottle cap at his school in Muskogee. Later that same day, he helped a woman escape from a burning house, the Muskogee Phoenix reported. 馬斯科吉鳳凰報報導,本月稍早,戴維恩.強森在位於馬斯科吉的學校內使用哈姆立克法幫助一名被瓶蓋噎到的同學。當天稍後,他幫助一名婦女逃出起火的屋子。 Last week, Davyon was named an honorary member of the police and sheriff’s departments at the Muskogee Board of Education meeting, the newspaper reported. 上週,戴維恩在馬斯科吉教育委員會會議上,被任命為警察與治安官部門的榮譽成員,據該報報導。 Principal Latricia Dawkins called Davyon a “dual hero” and said the recognition couldn’t have happened to a better person. 校長拉翠夏.道金斯稱讚戴維恩是「雙重英雄」,並說此一褒揚不可能發生在更好的人身上。 Davyon’s mother, LaToya Johnson, said she’s not surprised he behaved the way he did. She said her brother, Wendell Johnson, is an emergency medical technician. 戴維恩的母親拉托雅.強森說,她對兒子的行為不感意外。她說,他的哥哥溫戴爾.強森,就是一位緊急醫療技術員。 Next Article Why the Empire State Building, and New York, May Never Be the Same 為何帝國大廈與紐約市可能不再跟以前一樣 It once symbolized an urban way of working, and the city’s resilience. In the pandemic’s second year, the future of the world’s most famous skyscraper is in doubt. 它一度象徵一種都會的工作方式與這座城市的韌性。值此疫情大流行第2年,這座全球最知名的摩天大樓的未來仍在未定之天。 The Empire State Building, like the city it inhabits, relies on a steady stream of tourists, thriving retail businesses and companies willing to lease its vast amount of office space. (美國紐約市)帝國大廈一如其所棲息的城市,仰賴穩定的觀光客流、興旺的零售業,以及願意租賃其大量辦公室空間的公司行號。 The coronavirus pandemic emptied out the attractions, shops and offices, in both the building and the city, for months. 但新冠病毒大流行清空這幢大樓與紐約市的觀光景點、商店與辦公室(的人潮)達數月之久。 Like other tourist attractions around New York City, the famous observatories on the Empire State Building’s 86th and 102nd floors sat nearly empty for months. 一如紐約市各地其他的觀光景點,位於帝國大廈86樓與102樓的知名觀景台,已有數月幾乎空無一人。Source article:

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