10 Why I left beautiful Spain and how I overcome all kinds of fear about the departure

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Life is short and the world is wide. 生命很短暫,然而世界很大。 In winter 2018, I was working hard on a promotion for my travel business and trying to achieve my ambition of winning a financial prize. Due to the time difference between Spain and China, I started working as soon as I got up and often worked through the day. I frequently forgot about lunch and was often exhausted in the evenings. By Christmas Eve, I had hit my goal for that promotion but I felt sad. I was sick and lying in bed. I decided to book a trip to Prague in February, where my friend Sonia had invited me earlier. After booking the trip, I started to look forward to it and the next day I felt so much better. So I think the antidote to my sickness and boredom was definitely a vacation. 在2018年的冬天,因為想要得到我旅遊生意團隊競賽的獎金,我很努力在推廣並且想要達到我的野心目的。因為西班牙和中國的時差,我總是一起床就開始工作一直到晚上。我經常會忘記吃午餐,而且在晚上的時候感覺到精疲力竭。在聖誕節的前夕,我達成了推廣目標,然而我卻覺得很難過。我生病了,在床上躺著。所以我決定二月要去我的朋友Sonia先前邀請我去的布拉格之旅。在預定了那場旅行之後,我開始期待著,並且隔天我的身體立刻感覺就好多了。所以我認為我生病和無聊的解藥就是一場旅行。 Then I got another invitation to Iceland in January 2019. While there, I met Palli who was a local marine engineer. We liked each other and wanted to get to know each other better.  Although we were both unable to make a commitment due to the long distance, we met in different countries for vacations that year. Palli would work really hard at sea for two to three weeks and then had one week free which was great for him to fly to see me. In between those meetings, I felt so restless and excited about our next meeting that I decided to fill gaps in my schedule with more trips and adventures. I was in Europe, Asia and even flew to South America that year. 然後我在2019年的一月又被邀請去冰島。在那裡我認識了當地的海洋工程師Palli。我們喜歡彼此,也想要多認識對方。雖然我們因為遠距離無法作出感情上的承諾,但是那一年我們一起在不同的國家度假。Palli會在海上辛勤工作兩到三個禮拜,然後當他有一星期假期的時候,他就會飛來看我。在等待下次見面的心情讓我好興奮,我總是感覺坐不住,所以我就決定要在不見面的時候多安排旅行和冒險活動。那年,我人不僅在歐洲、亞洲,我甚至去了南美洲一趟。 Even when I was back in Barcelona, I had decided to open up my apartment for couchsurfers just to immerse myself in travel vibes and keep my life busy. That decision opened up so many opportunities to deepen some of the most important friendships in my life. Elia, who was also from Taiwan, was the first couchsurfer I hosted in my apartment and  became my assistant for my business. Another guest was Hallvard, a young Norwegian musician, who stayed alone the first night before returning back to visit and stay with me with his two tall roommates from Oslo. We ended up meeting again in his home in Oslo, when they became my hosts. Pablo, a sweet Argentinean traveler, came to stay with me for two nights in Barcelona and then we met up again in Bratislava while he was having a working holiday during my Eurail journey. 甚至再回到巴塞羅那的時候,我還決定開放我的公寓給世界各地的沙發客們,讓我可以沈浸在旅行的感覺中也讓我的生活一直保持忙碌。那個決定卻打開了好多機會讓我可以更加深許多在我生命中重要的友誼。Elia,來自台灣,是我第一個在我公寓里接待的沙發客,她後來成為我生意上的助理。另外一個客人是來自挪威年輕的音樂家,Hallvard原先來我家住了一個晚上之後,又帶著他在奧斯陸,兩個高大的室友來我家再住一晚。後來我們又在他們奧斯陸的家相遇了,那次變成他們接待我。還有一個非常貼心的阿根廷遊客Pablo,在我巴塞羅那的家住了兩晚,後來我因為火車旅行到了斯洛伐克的首都布拉提斯拉瓦(Bratislava),他人剛好在那裡的青年旅社進行打工換宿,所以我們又見面了! I also had a couple of really successful podcasting meetups and workshops in my apartment, however the stress of growing a physical business in Barcelona and an existing online business which allowed me to see the world more freely was becoming overwhelming. It reached a point where I had to renew my entrepreneur residency which was a complicated and time-consuming process. To make matters worse, there were political riots in Barcelona at the time and the political situation had become very heated. While all this was going on, I was eager to see Palli however we were not ready for a full blown relationship. There was an important decision to be made; should I stay in Europe or should I leave? I had been offered a tempting publishing contract in China which I was very excited about and also had discovered my desire to make up with my father back in Taiwan. Ever since splitting up with my ex-husband a few years ago, we hadn’t t

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