11 The regret, pity, and romance I experience in Spain Eurail journey

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The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; wanderlust. 旅行開始之前,當渴望和期盼纏在一起旅行者的心,如永不停歇的賽跑,旅行讓人上癮。 I jumped on the train to Valencia and arrived at my Airbnb in the evening. The next day it was raining so hard and there was no umbrella in the house so I was stuck for the whole morning. I finally got out and had some breakfast quickly and had to fix the nose stud that I just got before the trip which fell off when I was in the shower that morning. The girl in the tattoo shop couldn’t fix it so she gave me a temporary nose ring. I’d never had anything like that. I had always found nose rings silly, so it felt so bizzare to have one. Due to the weather conditions and little time I had, I didn’t get to see the famous beach and the science museum in Valencia. That was a pity. 這一天我索性地跳上了火車,第一站到了Valencia(瓦倫西亞),傍晚到了我的airbnb,結果隔天下大雨,因為沒有傘,在家裡被困了一個早上,就在終於可以出門了,迅速吃了個早點,然後去搶救我因為早上淋浴時掉下來的鼻環,那是我在旅行前剛剛穿好的洞,結果到了附近的刺青店裡的,女師傅沒法弄好,只好給我一個臨時的鼻環圈圈。我從來沒有帶過那種鼻環圈圈,而且一直以來覺得鼻環圈圈看起來挺傻的,在自己鼻子上感覺也很奇特。這天因為天氣的關係還有趕路,就沒去看我一直很想拜訪的在瓦倫西亞的著名海邊和科博館,這是遺憾。 Next stop: Madrid. Though it wasn’t my first time to Madrid, this time I had someone I wanted to see. That was Guille, who I met a year ago online when I was making a Spanish Challenge series on my podcast. I was so happy that I finally met him in person. He was a slim and good looking guy. To my surprise, he was wearing the same nose ring as me! He wore it very well, needless to say! That evening Guille treated me to dinner and we had a really lovely and deep conversation. Guille said he wanted to thank me for the advice I gave him for his online business. I remember the beautiful procession of vegan meals just kept coming one after another. They not only looked like art but tasted like it too! Now Guille is traveling in his van all over Spain. He said he was inspired by my lifestyle, and I felt so glad to have spread the joy of travelling to another. That was touching. 下一站是馬德里,這也不是我第一次去馬德里,而是去見我很想去見的人,Guille和我認識已經有一年的時間,之前我在做西班牙語挑戰播客系列的時候他和我聯繫,見到了西語主播Guille,本人又瘦又帥啊!剛好Guille鼻子上有一個和我相對稱的鼻環,頓時覺得親切了起來,Guille請我吃飯,聊得好深入好開心!記得那天素食菜一道道上來好像藝術品一樣,Guille說是為了謝謝我之前給他在線上事業的建議。現在Guille開著房車在西班牙各地旅行中,他說也是那次晚餐受到了我生活方式的啓發,我很開心可以將旅行的快樂散布給其他人。這讓我非常感動。 Seville was 20 degrees warmer than Madrid. My host was Daniel and he didn’t speak any English but was super friendly. He took me to many places and my favorite was Spanish Square. Just like he said, it is definitely the most beautiful Spanish Square in Spain. The next day I was walking around the old town and was amazed by the huge cathedral and the warm weather. At sunset, Daniel picked me up and took me to a tapas place. Tapas is a typically Spanish collection of different dishes like mini breadsticks, cheese slices, and sausages eaten together and almost always good company and good drinks. He told me many interesting stories about Seville and even took me to the tree where he had his first kiss when he was younger. It was very adorable. Through my broken Spanish, I showed Daniel how to make dumplings for dinner and the evening progressed to singing Karaoke in his living room which was hilarious. Daniel was a fun and respectful host. He took me to many interesting places, showed me the food culture and made me feel very welcome in his house. He took me to the airport the next day so that I could fly to Barcelona and even gave me a poem he wrote as a goodbye present. That was romantic. Seville(塞維爾)的氣候相對馬德里暖了將近20度,接待我的沙發主人Daniel雖然英語不說,但是非常的親切!他帶我去好多地方,而我最喜歡的西班牙廣場,就像他說的,在塞維爾的西班牙廣場是全西班牙最美麗的廣場。我隔天我自己到了市中心舊城區,對那裡的大教堂還有溫暖的氣候感覺非常的驚奇。傍晚時分Daniel來接我,帶我去一個下酒菜店裡,西班牙的下酒菜就是典型的西班牙各種不同的小菜碟,像是迷你的麵包棍、起士片還有香腸,是下酒的良伴。他告訴我許多塞維爾當地的故事,甚至還帶我去他年輕時發生初吻的小樹下,超級可愛。那天晚上我就用我破破的西語教Daniel包餃子做晚餐,然後我們一起在客廳唱起了西班牙語的卡拉OK,超搞笑的。Danie是個好有趣而且又很尊重我的主人,他帶我去很多有趣的地方,介紹給我當地的食物文化,還讓我在他家感覺非常自在。隔天,Daniel送我去機場回巴塞羅那還送我他寫的一首詩當離別禮物。那舉動真的很浪漫。 Stay tuned…there’s much more to come! In

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