16 A random train took me to where destiny wanted me to be..

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I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. 我不再是從前的我了,因為我看過月亮在世界的另一邊閃耀。 That morning, Yann showed me around Lake Geneva and dropped me off at a vineyard. He suggested I hike up the mountain and then hitchhike to Montreux. After that, I was off on my adventure. I was a little bit disoriented and thought it would be too cold for me to go hiking, so I immediately found a train station nearby and hopped on a train at random to see where destiny would take me. 那天早晨,Yann帶我去日內瓦湖附近,然後在一個葡萄園把我放下來。他建議我爬山然後搭便車到蒙特勒。之後,我的冒險開始了,我有點搞不清楚方向,然後感覺爬山有點冷,所以我很快的找到了附近的火車站,然後就隨便跳上了一台車,看看命運會帶我去哪裡。 As luck would have it, the train I took ended up in Montreux. Along the way I was so excited and mesmerized by the scenic view through the train window! I walked around the small town and time seemed to go by so slowly. Then I asked a clerk about the scenic train which was included in my pass and went on another ride through the mountains to Zweismmen. I was amazed by the picturesque little houses I passed in the valleys, and the rugged mountains that towered overhead. After I visited the village, I came down the mountain on the Golden Pass (one of the most famous trains in Switzerland), and it was the most luxurious experience I’ve ever had. The green upholstered seat I was sitting in was so comfortable and beautiful, it made me feel like a queen. When I looked out the window I was really amazed and wondered what life would be like living in this majestic landscape. 運氣很好,這車果真就一路開到了蒙特勒。在路上我好興奮和被這窗外美輪美奐的景色吸引得不得了!我沿著小鎮走了一圈,時間過得好慢。我問了票務員,哪台車是包含在我環歐通票的景觀車,我立刻又坐了另一台車穿越山嶺的到了茲懷斯文。我真的對坐落在山谷之間那如畫般的小房子還有險峻的山峰的景色給迷倒了。參觀完小村落後,我坐上了在瑞士最著名的景觀列車之一的黃金列車下山,那也是我最奢華的火車經驗。那有著綠色布料裝飾的暖墊椅子好舒服又美麗。讓我感覺好像皇后一樣。當我從窗外看出去,我真的很驚艷也納悶那些住在這樣雄麗風景下的生活是如何。   In the evening, I offered to cook dumplings for Yann. He was curious about every step I took when preparing them. He had coincidentally bought me dessert and drinks from a Chinese shop nearby, so we ended up making a very Chinese dinner together. We talked about my adventures and had a really lovely time chatting deep into the night. 晚上,我主動提出要包餃子給Yann。他很好奇我準備的每一個步驟,他也很巧的買了中國的甜點還有飲料給我,所以我們吃了非常中國風味的一餐。我們就聊我的冒險記,然後聊得很開心一直到夜深了。   Stay tuned…there’s much more to come! In the next episode I’ll be sharing my first experience of eating a Swiss fondue!   敬請期待,還有好多故事呢! 下一集我會和你分享更多我吃瑞士火鍋的初次體驗!    

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