Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour-Establishing Vital Energy Naturally

BH Sales Kennel Kelp Holistic Healing Hour

Grandpa Bill today asks: Have you been told you're doing fine, but you still don't feel 100% right? Do you wish you could get  long lasting results for your health problems?Are your prescribed medicine(s) just not working for you?Pure Synergy & CTFO Kennel Kelp Keynotes- Thrive Alive to Survive- Grandpa Bill Highlights Boosting Your Immune System Superpower!
○ What is it?-
○ How does it apply to our health?
○ Can we affect it?
Giving continuous life vis natural sources.
○ The absolute power to establish balance,  and control over our living bodies.
○ This is not something we can  make palpable, or see it visually transforming.
○ The Vital Energy Force
● We must Thrive Alive to Survive
Stressors throw our body out of
homeostasis or balance resulting in
disease genetics that will determine how we
respond to external stressors of the world moving forward
● Frequently this is acquired through self training and discipline, or of course professional coaching 
○ Stress and Chemical exposures, combined with Poor Diet are why many are in poor health..
We are trying, together to eliminate the cause or factor
prior to the occurrence of the
○ These changes can be  oral and personal hygiene,
lifestyle changes,  new diet, fresh airand breathing, exercise and physical movement..
capable of then inducing more natural healing, allowing the body to heal itself..
Treat The Cause- of your disease9s0
○ The therapeutic goal of disease
should be to treat the original cause
of the disease
○ This is the disease to be removed.
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BH Sales Holistic Healing-Helpful Healthy Hints
Optimizing human health, and that of our furry companion pets and animals also. BH Sales Kennel Kelp Adah's Animal Products CTFO- Promotes Good Health in ALL Animals and their People, Plants, and The Planet.
Grandpa Bill, serves as a conduit in continuing to work as an advocate for holistic medicine and suggesting source suppliers that provide ancient herbal traditions and research, while producing stellar highly efficacious and competitively priced healthcare products.
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