🧧貼春聯勞作 Spring Festival decorations activity with print out 🧧

貝媽豆妹童樂會 Little Mandarin Party 🥳
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🖨️貼春聯勞作紙列印連結 Spring Festival decorations activity print out

For this activity, we need â€œspring festival decorations activity print out” (2 pages, print out link above), crayon or markers, a pair of scissors and glue. 

🧧歡迎爸爸媽媽把小朋友貼春聯的勞作,照一張相,email 或是上臉書頁和貝媽分享喔~ 祝福大家 新年快樂 吉祥平安 虎年行大運!我們下一個同樂會見囉! Please take a picture of the art work and share with me via email or facebook page. Thanks! Wish everyone health, peace and happiness in the year of Tiger! See you in the next party! 😍

🎧貝媽另一個故事Podcast "中文故事屋 Little Mandarin Pod" æ­¡è¿Žå°æœ‹å‹ä¾†è½æ•…事喔!Please also check out Bei Ma’s story Podcast “ Little Mandarin Pod” 

🍭貝‌媽‌和豆妹背‌景‌Background🍭 ‌
貝‌‌媽‌‌來‌自‌台‌灣‌,‌在‌美‌國‌當‌臨‌床‌藥‌師‌,‌最‌歡‌樂‌的‌時‌間‌就‌是‌和‌小‌朋‌友‌說故‌事‌,天馬行空聊天,‌和‌孩‌子‌一‌起‌學‌習‌‌🥳。豆妹是一位6歲在美國可愛又無俚頭女孩🤩,口頭禪是「 and 再」(然後的意思) 😜Bei Ma aka BeiBei Mommy, originally from Taiwan, is a clinical pharmacist in the US. She loves telling stories to kids and learning with kids. Do Mei is a fun and loving 6 y/o girl in the US, who loves singing, being silly and tickling her baby brother. 😜

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