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精測看好,公司營運成長快速,原有廠房及營運研發總部預計 2023 年滿載,且為因應半導體探針卡、智慧製造新事業的產能擴充需求,今年初經董事會通過購置第三座製造廠預建地,預計 2024 年啟用。
精測去年適逢成立 15 周年,面對全球時局急遽變化,公司將危機化為商機,並專注半導體測試介面研究與開發,相關國際競爭力及經營實績,獲國際各項大獎肯定。
精測近年積極在移轉產品布局,從一開始 IT 用標準低層數的印刷電路板、再拓展高階多層 IC 測試板、晶圓測試板等市場,更自 2016 年跨入半導體先進 MEMS 探針卡領域。
根據研調機構 VLSI Research Inc. 調查報告顯示,精測去年在全球半導體探針卡排行榜,由第 18 名躍升至第 11 名,穩居全球前 20 強,並在 2021 年上半年躋身全球非記憶體類 MEMS 探針卡第 3 位

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純網路銀行一切服務都透過網路完成,可以節省掉實體銀行的店租、ATM 、行員、水電費、維護費之類的成本,進而提供更優惠的存款及貸款利率,促進金融產業邁向4.0


Jingce said that the four major policies include increasing the proportion of new applications for existing customers, and developing new customers with potential; grasping the trend of the US-China technology war, actively deploying global and flexibly adjusting production capacity; strengthening global technology marketing capabilities, and fully promoting its own technology .

The company is optimistic about the rapid growth of the company's operations. The original plant and operational R&D headquarters are expected to be fully loaded in 2023. In order to meet the capacity expansion needs of the new business of semiconductor probe cards and smart manufacturing, the board of directors approved the purchase of the third manufacturing plant at the beginning of this year. Construction site is expected to open in 2024.

Last year, Jingce celebrated its 15th anniversary. In the face of rapid changes in the global situation, the company turned the crisis into a business opportunity, and focused on the research and development of semiconductor test interfaces. Its international competitiveness and business performance have been recognized by various international awards.

In recent years, Accurate has been actively transferring product layouts. From the beginning, it has been using standard low-layer printed circuit boards for IT, and then expanded into high-end multi-layer IC test boards, wafer test boards and other markets. Since 2016, it has entered the semiconductor advanced MEMS probe card. field.

According to the survey report of VLSI Research Inc., a research institute, Precision Testing jumped from 18th to 11th in the global semiconductor probe card rankings last year, ranking among the top 20 in the world, and in the first half of 2021. Memory MEMS Probe Card No. 3