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In this episode, we will have insights into the Mandarin Wuxia song, 劍雨浮生(Jiànyǔ fúshēng, Rain Sword in the turbulent times), sung by Sa DingDing 薩頂頂& Sodagreen Band(蘇打綠).

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This song was released in 2010, and it is huge hit in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia, etc.

劍雨浮生 is the cover song of the movie, Reign of Assassins(劍雨)
It was released in 2010, and it is wuxia movie directed by Su Chao-pin(蘇照彬) and co-directed by John Woo(吳宇森). The movie’s background was shot in China and the time was set in the Ming Dynasty. The cast of actors, actresses, and singers in this movie is quite diverse. The leading actor is Jung Woo-sung(鄭雨盛,정우성), coming from Korea, and the leading actress, Michelle Yeoh(楊紫瓊) coming from Malaysia. Other supporting actors come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

The song and movie are the classic interpretation of Wuxia, Kung Fu, Romance, and Brotherhood, demonstrating the lifestyles of hundreds of years ago in ancient China.

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