《創投X綠能 = 做好事順便撈一筆? / Green Energy VC: A Noble Way to Make Money?》

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In the final episode of our energy series, we are happy to talk with GEB, a veteran US venture capitalist who takes a “top down” approach to sustainable energy investing. A “top down” investor typically identifies and benefits from macroeconomic trends (such as falling or rising interest rates) or particular investable themes (such as falling battery prices).

Today, GEB begins by walking us through some history going back to 2008. Things in the energy world such as geopolitics and technologies have changed a lot since 2008. He then shares with us where (beyond subsidy) he is seeing investable opportunities in energy. Quite a range: EV, (large scale) solar, storage, smart grid, smart city, municipal solid waste gasification, just to name a few. Other more ambitious projects include carbon engineering/capture (to take advantage of carbon credit), decarbonization in traditional industrial sectors and yes, even nuclear.

Let’s take a listen.

Show notes:
- Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs):
- CalPERS:
- Build Back Better:

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