地球日野餐時你可能沒想到的垃圾清理政策 / Nature Nate on Taiwan's Waste Management Policies

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Happy Earth Day!!

What are the waste management policy best practices in Europe, East Asia, Taiwan? What are the trade-off for consumers and industrial waste disposal? What are lessons from the US on how NOT to make policies?

What are the key choices such as how to upgrade the waste treatment and recycling infrastructure in Taiwan? What areas are Taiwan performing well globally?

What lessons that other countries can learn from the Taiwan experience.

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- Earth Day 2022:
- Taiwan Garbage truck:
- Incineration Plant:


感謝、鬼島之音 Waste Not Why Not 的 Nate Maynard (自然8)、聯合製作

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Waste Not Why Not (WNWN) is a podcast on climate and sustainability from Ghost Island Media in Taiwan. Debuted on Earth Day in 2019, it's hosted by Nature N8 (Nate Maynard), a sustainability consultant working on energy, ocean and waste, and energy. Media partner at AAAS Annual Meetings ((American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2020 and 2021). Recognized as a Circular Economy Solution by SITRA Fund in Finland (2020). Listen for free on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, or any of your preferred podcast app.

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Waste Not Why Not 是鬼島之音旗下的英文節目,由環境研究員及顧問 Nate Maynard (自然8)主持,探討世界環境永續發展的重要議題,每集聊一個重要的概念、或是跟專家訪談、有時也會去田野採訪。2020及2021美國科學促進會(AAAS)年會媒體夥伴、受芬蘭創新基金會肯定為2020世界循環經濟解決方案。

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