Ep. 1: Hong Kong New Wave, Ann Hui (I), Boat People [English]

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We introduce you to Hong Kong On Screen and our podcast, dive into a brief history of the Hong Kong New Wave, and discuss Ann Hui’s career-defining Boat People (1982).

Films mentioned:
Love After Love《第一爐香》
Father and Son《父子情》
Jumping Ash《跳灰》
The Butterfly Murders《蝶變》
The Secret《瘋劫》
Night and Fog (2009)《天水圍的夜與霧》
The Beast《山狗》
A Simple Life《桃姐》
Still Human《淪落人》
House of the Lute《慾火焚琴》
Ju Dou《菊豆》
Center Stage《阮玲玉》
Night and Fog (1956)
Man with a Movie Camera
Song of the Exile《客途秋恨》

Ann Hui’s “Vietnam Trilogy”:
Boy from Vietnam〈來客〉
The Story of Woo Viet《胡越的故事》
Boat People《投奔怒海》

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