Taiwan Stablecoin will Move Everyone a Step Further into the Web3 World

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What makes foreigners want to settle or even naturalise in Taiwan? What’s more, they make a gigantic contribution to Taiwanese cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

“I’m convinced that the future of finance is cryptocurrency, in one form or another, and you can see that it has already become a reality,” says Leo Seewald, the former president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham Taiwan) and the former country head of BlackRock in Taiwan. Naturalized in Taiwan in 2020, Seewald is the director of MaiCoin, Taiwan’s largest legal digital asset trading platform. Maicoin is expected to launch a new stablecoin,Taiwan Dollar Coin (TWDC), later on this year. TWDC is a stablecoin with a 1:1 exchange rate with New Taiwan dollar, with the equivalent amount of Taiwan dollar reserved, which can be exchanged by users at any time, in order to eliminate the concerns of the Financial Supervisory Commission. The exchanged TWD is like the banknotes or coins we use every day, which are guaranteed by the central bank and will not affect the currency issuance in the real world.  
Meanwhile, we invited Akio Tanaka, co-founder and partner at Headline Asia and currently settled in Taiwan. Tanaka has experiences in Japanese stablecoin JPYC and he shares the process during the development of JPYC. So, what are the lessons that TWDC might learn from JPYC? What is the prospect of cryptocurrency in Taiwan or even in Asia in the next decade? Join us to find out! 

Outline :
🔗Why does cryptocurrency have yet to gain much of a foothold in Taiwan?
🔗A message for those who hesitate and suspect to invest in cryptocurrency due to Terra’s Luna stablecoin case.
🔗What are the connections between stablecoin, cryptocurrency and e-payment platforms?
🔗How can TWDC encourage saving and investing habits among young Taiwanese?
🔗The prospects of cryptocurrency in Taiwan and in Asia.

Host: Jeremy Olivier, senior editor of AmCham Taiwan
Guest: Leo Seewald, director of MaiCoin
Akio Tanaka, co-founder and partner at Headline Asia
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