EP63-1. 《總統、歐洲與戰爭》紀錄片導演訪談| Interview of documentary "A President, Europe and War" ft. Guy Lagache (Director)

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🎥 Documentary:A President, Europe and War (Un président, l'Europe et la guerre ) | 2022 | 114min | France | Director:Guy Lagache
In the early hours of February 24, Vladimir Poutine launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine, in what would soon become the most dramatic act of war on European soil, in 80 years.
The striking pictures of the Russian army bombings immediately popped up on social media and television news network screens across the world. Every administration in Europe were on high alert, starting with the one of headed by Emmanuel Macron, the French President and the Leader of the council of the European Union. For the first time in television, this 115 minutes documentary chronicles, from the inside, how the French president surrounded by his staff of advisers and government officials has dealt with the war in Ukraine, from its inception and though the first four months of the Russian invasion ,of the on a day to day basis.
The film shows how, as the leader of the European Union Emmanuel Macron has gone from trying to prevent the war in Ukraine through sustained diplomatic dialogue and tough negotiation to getting the 27 member states of the EU to engage in economic retaliation to Russia and military and financial support. By following President Emmanuel Macron behind the scene during France’s 6 month leadership of the rotating EU presidency, this film provides a unique and historical perspective at months of diplomatic wrangling during the Ukraine war and Europe’s worst crisis since World War II.

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🎙Record/ Edit:Guei Yu Yi

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