EP. 128 【EN】The energy transition: talent and dialogue power the future - Patrick Kong Chief Financial Officer, Asia GE Vernova – Gas Power

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Facing the energy crisis, governments and organizations worldwide are investing not only in technology but also in talent. After all, sustainable energy transitions require actual people, who are properly skilled, to drive progress forward. As Asia’s Chief Financial Officer of GE Vernova - Gas Power, Patrick uses his 20 years of energy industry experience to help us decode -- in plainspoken words, which we super appreciate -- the challenges and opportunities on prioritizing resources in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape.

【 Discussed in this episode 】

  • The ‘Energy Trilemma’ (Sustainable, Affordable, Reliable)
  • GE: transition from a traditional manufacturer to sustainable energy leader
  • The shift in energy landscape
  • Optimizing and prioritizing resources
  • Crucial characteristics for talent and leadership in the energy sector
  • What to expect in the future

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“This podcast was recorded on 3/4 (Mon.) prior to the spin-off of GE Vernova on 2 April 2024, as an independent energy company”.