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美國夢 你的夢 和史黛一起談天說地 發大財 American Dream Your Dream



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每個人都有一個創業魂。不過夢想和現實往往不同。希望藉著這個頻道,和大家分享各行各業的酸甜苦辣。以頭家創業的血淚史為借鏡。希望大家在頭洗下去前,可以有所準備。也希望藉著前人的經驗,可以激發你更多的創業火花 How do you achieve your American Dreams as an Asian/Chinese American Entrepreneur in a dynamic business environment? What challenges you have to overcome and sacrifices you have to endure to achieve your American Dream? From dream to reality what is your path to get there and how did you get there, that is the story I'll be sharing with you from a range of exciting guest speakers. #AmericanDreamYourDream #AmericanDream #AmericanVisionCap #Asian #Entrepreneur #Endeavor #Mandarin