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Chitchat with Bella : Learn Taiwan Chinese

Bella Huang

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Hi, I’m Bella. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I'm a Chinese teacher and passionate world traveler. I make podcast about Chinese learning and share about my travel story . In my podcast, we will explore Taiwanese culture and sometimes I will interview special guests as they share their experience as foreigners living in Taiwan. We will also learn some useful Chinese phrases that follow our topic. I hope you enjoy my show and start learning Chinese in a fun new way. 大家好!我是Bella,土生土長的台灣人。關於我:我是一位華語線上老師,也是一位對世界充滿好奇的旅行者。在我的 podcast 你可以一邊學習中文一邊聽我的旅行故事,除此之外我也會介紹台灣的文化,以及不定期訪問住在台灣的外國朋友們,和一些有趣的時事!讓學中文更有意思! 💌 follow me on instagram @chitchatwithbella 💌 join us on patreon : https://www.patreon.com/ChitchatwithBella