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我們是一對百萬夫妻媒體人, 沒有年薪百萬,更沒有月薪百萬, 只有濃濃的原住民排灣族(paiwan音同 百萬)的血統與靈魂。 百萬紐思集 Paiwan Talk News, 是台灣第一個以原住民族為觀點的『媒體識讀』播客。 我們將從排灣族的視角,用新聞扭轉你的思考, 也用新聞重建你對原住民族的印象。 We couple from paiwan tribe are media persons.We don't have million("million" sounds like "paiwan" in chinese) annual salary, and don't have million salary either. We only have pure blood and soul originated from our ancestor and paiwan people. Paiwan Talk News,is a media reading podcast program that focus on what Taiwan indigenous people thought about news. We will offer paiwanese' point of view to reverse the thinking you already have.Through this program we would like to reshape your impression of Taiwan indigenous people. *歡迎訂閱及留言* 百萬扭思集 臉書粉絲專頁 https://www.facebook.com/paiwantalknews -- Hosting provided by SoundOn