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兩個紐西蘭老師 Two New Zealand Teachers



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青青草原上沒有牛羊,只有兩個紐西蘭老師。 Kevin老師是土生土長紐西蘭人,從事教職長達15年;廖老師來自台灣桃園,從事教職7年。兩位老師目前任教於威靈頓一所小學。他們喜歡談論紐西蘭教育大小事,有時談生活旅遊,偶爾分享一下紐式英文。兩個紐西蘭老師用中英雙語帶給大家不同的收聽體驗! Kevin was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been teaching for 15 years. Liao laoshi (廖老師) was born and raised in Taoyaun, Taiwan. She moved to New Zealand at the age of 17. She has been teaching in New Zealand for 7 years. Two New Zealand teachers discuss education, New Zealand, the English language (in New Zealand) and sheep. Listen to us to hear discussions around education, English language learning, as well as travel and living in New Zealand. Two New Zealand teachers use bilingual conversation bringing you a different listening experience. https://linktr.ee/twonzteachers Email us with your feedback or questions at: twonzteachers@gmail.com -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

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