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文顏聞-Talk that C Talk

Jemmy & Tiffany & KFZ


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Hello 各位聽眾大家好,聽而起, 起而行,由BloomWave自製的文顏聞是一個文化交流的頻道,透過主持人Jemmy & Tiffany & KFZ 訪問擁有或參與過不同文化背景的各路好友讓聽眾能更了解多樣化的人事物.誠摯的邀請您戴上耳機,與我們開心遨遊吧^^ Our lives revolve around the colors between black and white, and what's interesting about colors is that each color is unique in it's own way, so are cultures. In each podcast episode, let the hosts, Jemmy & Tiffany & KFZ & friends, cruise with you from cultures to cultures, share with you the interesting and colorful stories they have experienced. 歡迎寫信給文顏聞:jtstudiocti@gmail.com 收聽頻道 #Himalaya : https://www.himalaya.com/talkthatctalk #Apple Podcast : https://pse.is/TCNYL #Spotify : https://pse.is/TSCEP 社群媒體 IG : https://www.instagram.com/bloomwavepodcast/

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