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各位聽眾朋友晚安,我是小城,歡迎收聽我的Podcast:床邊野餐 ! ■關於頻道的建構概念及後續播出內容,請收聽第0集:床邊野餐 椰也夜。而本頻道固定更新時間則是: 每週二晚上10點 ( 床邊朗讀 ) 每週五晚上10點 ( 床邊大轟炸 ) ■關於頻道內容有任何想法及建議,都歡迎在播出平台或床邊野餐的instagram (bedside.picnic)留言給我喔,再請各位聽眾多多指教!!謝謝!! ■合作信箱:smallandlonelycity@gmail.com 節目背景音樂來自:https://audionautix.com (Big Blues) / Dear listener: Welcome to my Podcast: Bedside Picnic. In this Podcast, you may read about the A+B side of me and you can definitely find something cool in every episode. The updated time of this channel is: Tue. 10pm Taiwan time: Bedside Reading Fri. 10pm Taiwan time: Bedside Exploding If you love or somehow hate this Podcast, you are always welcome to leave your message or just contact me through the official Instagram of this Podcast ( ID: bedside.picnic). If you love it and want to hear more, please subscribe Bedside Picnic and ask your friends to do so as well. Anyway, hope you would like this Podcast and get addicted to it. Haha. ■email: smallandlonelycity@gmail.com Background music of the episode: https://audionautix.com (Big Blues)

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