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Ms. M Children Storyline / Ms. M 大聲唸故事書

Ms. M Children Storyline / Ms. M 大聲唸故事書

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Bedtime storytelling is my favorite time with my child. I believe our ritual every night would have lasting impact on my child’s life. The storytelling not only enriches their language development, grows their imagination and appreciation for stories, also encourages conversation and strengthen family relationship. I hope it will foster a lifelong love of books for my child and yours. This podcast is a family affair, with the involvement of my child (Mr. H), Daddy (Mr. D), Grandpa and Grandma, and myself (Ms. M - Mommy), I know you will enjoy stories as much as we do. Our story collections will reflect Mr. H’s likings, our interracial family background ( half Jewish and half Taiwanese), mostly in English but at times in Chinese. We will see you at bedtime for storytelling~ Have a good night. 孩子們靠近一點,我們一起來聽故事吧. 親子閱讀時間是我和孩子一天最喜愛的時間, 你們呢?邀請大家和我們每天一起共讀. 我孩子每天會選他喜愛的書籍, 適合幼童3 至10歲. 他喜愛經典貝坦熊系列The Berenstain Bears, Ninja, 恐龍 dinosaurs 🦕, Superheros and many more. 讓我們一起用豐富的想像力,開心的和喜愛的人一起聽讀吧 !祝大家有一個美夢!