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賽斯光與愛心靈教育中心Being Seth Light & Love Educational Centre

Cynthia Tu

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你認識你的生命,知道你的生命,珍惜你的生命,享受你的生命了嗎?你可知道,人可以不用透過困難、苦痛的折磨才學到智慧成長、意識擴張嗎? Do you recognize your life, know your life, cherish your life, and enjoy your life? You know, it is not necessary to learn and achieve the wisdom and the expansion of consciousness by suffering from troubles, pain, hardships, torments? 透過新時代身心靈哲學賽斯知識的學習與實際應用,你可以回來認識你是誰;瞭解你的人生意義是什麼;你會看懂你的過往人生為什麼會是那樣的發展;你會找回你身心靈的平安與喜樂;創造一個身心靈平衡的人生。 To learn and apply with New Age Body, Mind and Soul Seth philosophy in your normal life, you will find the way back to know who you are; to perceive what the meaning of your life is; to make clear why your life has been progress such as what you had before. You will regain the peaceful, pleased, and joyful body, mind, and soul. You will have powerful ability to create a balanced body, mind, and soul of life. 每一個人都有能力與力量,來為自己創造自己渴望的人生。你不只是你現在所認識的自己,你有一個更大的自已及更多的潛在天賦等你來發掘。 Each person is capable with competency and power to create the desiring life for one’s own. You are so much more than you recognize yourself now, you have a larger self and much more talented abilities waiting for you to discover. 你的未來美好人生決定在你了解自己多少,在於你的信念是否有彈性,在於你的選擇是什麼。你準備好來創造新的圓滿人生了嗎?請加入我們一起來學習認識更多的自己。 The wonderful future life will be very much dependent on how much you realize and know yourself, whether your believes are flexible, and what your choose. Are you ready to come for creating the new consummate life? Please join us together to learn and recognize more about yourself.