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Learn Mandarin in Mandarin with Huimin

Learn Mandarin in Mandarin with Huimin

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大家好,我是惠敏。我是一個來自台灣的中文老師,我從2004年開始教中文,目前已經教了17年。我希望能透過簡單易懂的中文,跟大家分享我在生活中好玩的事情,一些想法,新聞,電影,還有學習語言的經驗和方法,希望你們的中文也會一起進步喔。 Hi, I am Huimin, a Mandarin instructor from Taiwan. I've been teaching Mandarin since 2004. I would like to share some thoughts, insights, things that I enjoy, like movies and books, and also my experiences of learning and teaching languages. Meanwhile, I hope your Mandarin will be improved while following my podcast.