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粉專「每天來點布農語啊!」的插畫家版主,輕鬆言談間聊原住民族議題、新聞評論、生活雜趣、創作分享等。停止扁平落後的歧視,來聽聽具原住民族觀點的批判,思考實踐轉型正義。 This is an indigenous self-media. Umav is an young woman from Bunun tribe in Taiwan, descended from Bunun and Tayal people. She loves to talk about indigenous social issues, culture, life storiey and share with people her point of view, trying to provide critical thinking as an indigenous. She’s also an illustrator who running a fans-page on Facebook and Instagram. You can contact me on👩‍💻👨‍💻 Instagram: bununeveryday https://reurl.cc/lRQEyA Facebook:每天來點布農語啊!mapasnava Bunun saikin https://reurl.cc/KAeyly -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

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