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『AEET教育公平促進會』成立的宗旨是希望將教育資源更妥善的分配給不同年齡層、性別、地域性、家庭條件與身心狀態。 接受教育是基本人權之一,而妥善的接受教育能幫助一個人在不同階段,能發揮出不同的能力,進而展現自信與才華。 本會希望能將教育資源分配個更公平而非平均分配的概念,希望郊區的孩子也能如都市的孩子一般獲得更多國際教育資源; 希望長輩學子能活到老學到老,不因年紀限制了自身的發展與自信。 我們將推出不同的課程,而且這些課程皆是免費參與。 也希望有志的朋友能加入我們,一同與我們推動台灣教育公平的促進。 About AEET AEET (Association of Educational Equity, Taiwan) is a non profit organization. Our mission is to bring the educational resource to Taiwan and would like to allocate the resource in equity. Our target groups are children, elders and any one who wants to have educational supports. We believe that a good education can bring a personal, society, and the world better. We want to find the education resources to allocate better to the most needed people. We will hold learning sessions to different target students, we want those session to bring our audiences a better view and lead them to the better life and direction. If you agree our mission and learning sessions, please support us and also welcome to contact us for potential cooperation. Best Regards, AEET