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Crones of the Wild Wastelands

DesertJen, Amethyst Wollf, Obsidia Musette

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UPDATE 11/27: Due to illness (COVID and Flu) we did not record this past week. We will be back next Monday. Amethyst Wollf has volunteered to be my new cohost. Amethyst Wollf is a shy and reserved until comfortable Grey Witch. They have been studying and learning The Craft since they first discovered it in their sophomore year of high school. They are ever evolving their path and constantly learning new things. As a follower of Hekate, they have gathered a lot of their knowledge about their path from solo study, but also study with a British Traditional Gardnerian Coven and have had to overcome several obstacles to be where they are today. Amethyst Wollf is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and continues to teach that those of said community have a place in every tradition. Breaking down barriers and pushing to have a place is a very important thing to them. Mental Health is also very important to them. They have found ways to overcome their own Mental Health issues through the use of Meditation and studying. You can never stop learning and that’s what being a Witch entails. Knowledge is power. They have many hobbies including conjuring up some beautiful shirts and jewelry for their small business, learning all they can about podcasts, as well as writing (or typing) for their first ever book that they want to release in the future. This podcast was a passion for Obsidia Musette. She felt it was her purpose to pass knowledge on to others, helping them learn the "Pagan Way" and to provide the different aspects of our wide varied path. I feel it is my responsibility to my friend, my besty, and my sister witch to continue her vision.