28 episodes

Crones of the Wild Wastelands

DesertJen, Lady Sonika, Amethyst Wollf, Obsidia Musette


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UPDATE August 25: We won't be posting until Monday, August 28. See you then my witchlings. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Welcome to the Crones of the Wild Wasteland podcast. Amethyst Wollf will rejoin us soon, but please welcome Lady Sonika, our third permanent member of the Podcast. Lady Sonika is a high priestess, been in the craft for about 60 years, and is a magnificent addition to this podcast. This podcast was a passion for Obsidia Musette, who crossed the veil in May 2022. She felt it was her purpose to pass knowledge on to others, helping them learn the "Pagan Way" and to provide the different aspects of our wide varied path. I feel it is my responsibility to my friend, my besty, and my sister witch to continue her vision.