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Female Entrepreneur Me 女創業家與我 | with Irene Yu

Irene Yu, ,Business Coach and founder at FEM


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Female Entrepreneur&Me 是女性教育平台與社群媒體與,內容專注於網路創業及自我成長。藉由線上教練課程,幫助教練,顧問,自媒體,內容創作者擁有她們想要的網路事業及人生。 音頻內容包含中英文訪談,心態,策略等等幫助忙碌的,教練,自媒體,顧問快速學習怎麼利用內容跟網路打造理想事業! Welcome to Female Entrepreneur Me, hosted by Irene Yu, is a bilingual weekly podcast with 4 major components, interviews with experts, tips, mindset, online business strategy, and content creation. If you are a coach, consultant, service provider looking to build their audiences online and want to create digital products to sell with proven results. This show is for you. Hit subscribe now to be notified when new episodes go live.

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