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我們是一群在台灣出生,在加拿大打拼的人類。 June 是在加拿大當護理人員,而Karen則是數據分析師 我們頻道是充滿大量的閒聊話題。 大家如果有任何問題的話,都可以提出來討論的。 盡量固定星期三或星期六 發布的喔~ 可以到 IG (Instagram) 上面搜尋 stayin_ca 就可以找到我們喔~ 上面有發布大量的風景照,如果有興趣的話,可以看看啦! Hello~ This is June and Karen's talk show. We are Taiwanese and in Canada now. This talk show's main language is Mandarin and Taiwanese. If you have any concerns or any questions, we are here lovely to help you. You can message us through the IG (instagram: stayin_ca ) or you can E-mail us. Thank you ~~~

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