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歡迎收聽《霖卡夫家的Bunun Podcast》 來自南投縣信義鄉 羅娜部落 (人口數最多) 布農族以「家族」為單位,以「耆老」為尊。 Linkav 是我們家,阿公的名字,承襲先人的智慧 我們又在當代,各司其職,學習與傳承。 Welcome to Lolona the Linkav’s podcast channel. Hi everyone, I’m Umav Takiludung from Lona Village Nantou County. Lona is a aboriginal tribe, which has the most population Bunun in Taiwan. We Bunun peple have always valued family and elders. Linkav is my grandpa’s name. We follow the wisdom of ancestors, and do what we can do in our era. We learn it, and we inherit it.

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