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給火星人類學家 To Martian Anthropologists

Martian Anthropologists

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「給火星人類學家」展覽援引比利時藝評家蒂埃里・德・迪弗於《以藝術之名》中假想的未來場景,邀請藝術家在網路空間以及實體現場,為日後可能登陸地球的「火星人類學家」,留下可供其考察人類文明的各式線索。藝術家將以「網頁」作為作品實質發生的特定場所,實體場所則作為作品延伸的界面,佈署與線上作品遙相呼應的索引。 策展人:張君懿 藝術家:陳萬仁、齊簡、克羅德・克羅斯基、艾瑞克・瓦提耶、杜利安・高登、徐瑞謙、何采柔、澎葉生、賴志盛、時永駿、郭文泰 × 河床劇團、牛俊強、李明學、謝佑承、王雅慧。 線上展區:martian.beauxarts.tw 實體展區:新北市藝文中心|展期:08/04-09/28 粉絲專頁:www.facebook.com/ToMartianAnthropologists/ The exhibition To Martian Anthropologists invokes the imaginary future scenes from In the Name of Art by the Belgic art critic, Thierry de Duve, and invites the artists to leave, both in cyberspace and in the physical venue, all kinds of clues for the martian anthropologists who might land on Earth someday to launch a field research on the human civilizations. For the artists, web pages will be the specific site where the artworks actually take place, and the physical venue serves as an extended interface and an index of deployment echoing remotely the online artworks. Curator: Chun-Yi CHANG Artist: Wan-Jen CHEN(TW), Chien CHI(TW), Claude CLOSKY(FR), Yannick DAUBY(FR), Dorian GAUDIN(USA), Joyce HO(TW), Yu-Cheng HSIEH(TW), Jui-Chien HSU(TW), Chih-Sheng LAI(TW), James Ming-Hsueh LEE(TW), Jun-Qiang NIU(TW), Craig QUINTERO X Riverbed Theatre(USA), Yung-Chun SHIH(TW), Ya-Hui WANG(TW), Eric WATIER (FR) Exhibition on line:https://martian.beauxarts.tw FB: www.facebook.com/ToMartianAnthropologists/