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取暖末世錄 Seeking Sympathy in the Apocalypse

老爸取暖互助會 Pity Party For Daddies


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末世,生存乃唯一。 我們於黑暗中尋燈,寂寞中尋溫。 勇氣和希望,支持與陪伴,乃我們生存之鑰。 此乃我們之故事,此乃末世錄。 Amidst the ruins, I wander alone, Heartbroken and shattered, I've lost my home. I seek a kind face, a friendly ear, Comfort in chaos, a moment to clear. The winds howl, the skies turn gray, A desolate land, I wander each day. But still I hope, still I strive, For a ray of light, to keep me alive. 👾Discord: https://discord.gg/E6XqG6Cd4k 🔸Instagram: instagram.com/pitypartyfordaddies 🔸Facebook: facebook.com/pitypartyfordaddies 🔸E-mail: pitypartyfordaddies@gmail.com 🎧各大收聽平台 https://reurl.cc/oLnZOg 🎸概念單曲 https://lihi1.cc/CPOrF 🍻贊助我們 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ppfd 📣有話想說 https://www.surveycake.com/s/aNN1M 👻《婚姻育兒鬼故事》投稿連結 https://pitypartyfordaddies.pse.is/ghost-story 🎉《秘密解放派對》投稿連結 https://pitypartyfordaddies.pse.is/secret-party