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心目解碼實驗室reMIND Lab 著重轉化靈魂光體,啟發人類潛能,提供整合型體驗,收集有關新型態冥想結果和現象的數據。 “reMIND”實驗室根據各場景設計冥想,包括一些古代部落的神秘文獻或異次元星際的深奧光語或吟唱。 “re-MINDer”是冥想的設計者,在累積的數據中,這種冥想也會喚醒當事人一些深刻的記憶。 下一步,這個實驗將弄清楚人們是否可以在“重新憶起re-MIND”後,再“重新思考re-THINK”。 淨化~ 合一~ 啟發~ Help us to gather data on the result and phenomena of a new kind of meditation. The "reMIND" experiment was designed according to the general descriptions of meditation, including some old esoteric saying or the mystical literature from ancient tribes, even light chanting from extra dimension or galaxy . "re-MINDer" are the designer of this meditation. And in our data, this meditation would also remind object some deep memory. In next step, this experiment will figure out if people could "Re-Think" in a new brain after "Re-MIND" Meditation. Purify~ Oneness~ Inspire~ reMIND Lab心目解碼實驗室 facebook.com/reMINDer.poi