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The Sleep with Valeria Podcast is a weekly show where your host Valeria, provides guided meditation, shares content on personal development, talks to insightful people about mindfulness, intentional living so that you can reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and become the best version of yourself. New episodes out on Mondays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Get ready to better sleep, happier and healthier you, because we are all in this safe space together. Live life today with Valeria, in both English and Mandarin. 2023, we'll focus on Self-Discovery, each month with a different topic. Stay tuned! Sleep with Valeria 播音室是每週一次的節目,主持人Valeria通過引導式冥想,分享有關個人發展的內容,與專家探討正念、有意識的生活,以便減少焦慮、減輕壓力並成為最好的自己。 新劇集週一發放,在任何的播客平臺收聽。如果你喜歡,請對播客進行評分和評論。準備好睡個好覺,更快樂、更健康的你,因為我們同在這個安全區裡。 用英語和普通話,和Valeria一起過好今天的生活。 2023年,主題是自我探索,每個月有不同的關注點,敬請期待!