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歡迎你來到心靈驛站, 我會用聲音帶你認識我,了解自己, 分享閱讀, 電影,語言,興趣,習慣,相處, 夢想, 透過記錄生活的意義, 互相影響, 在熟悉的廣東話中給自己一份動力,回來收聽給自己充充電!每位收聽的聽眾, 你都會成為我繼續分享的原動力!! Here is my podcast, I will use my voice to let you know more about my life, share my passion for reading, movie,language,habits, get along, and make dreams come true.I will accompany you to growth in the future, hope you enjoy the time. With a comfortable Cantonese, the same language will connect us no matter where you are, what you do. Instagram:souldastation 訂閱會員:https://www.patreon.com/souldastation

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