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International Talk 國際聊天室

Teacher Lydia

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你一直想了解對不同文化和國籍嗎? 你想聽有趣的訪談順便練英文嗎? 那你來對地方了!國際聊天室的每一集會與不同背景很文化的人聊天,聊聊文化差異 世界各地的生活 還有各種精彩的故事~ Have you always been curious about different cultures? Do you want to hear interviews with international people? Then you are in the right place! International talk is a show where we interview people from all around the world about their experiences in their own cultures, travelling, and various exciting adventures. If you like this podcast, don't forget to subscribe and share. You can also follow me on social media: 喜歡這個音頻請記得訂閱和分享 也歡迎加我的社群媒體: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teacherlydia_languages/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teacherlydialanguages YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOyaZmQ3_cqznwWXPLnYL0w 如果想支持我,讓我可以持續和不同國家的外國人聊天請點這: If you would like to support me and help me continue to interview interesting internationals, please click below: https://pay.firstory.me/user/teacherlydia

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