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三十好禍 / Facing the swerve in your 30s

Wang & Yu


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三十好禍 年過三十,究竟是福是禍 古人常說三十而立 兩個三十了卻什麼都還沒立的胖 二十幾的我們總是幻想著三十的自己是什麼模樣 而如今,年過三十,卻是另一番考驗的開始? Society really loves to tell you there is a certain way you are supposed to be. A certain life you are supposed to live. A path you are supposed to take. And if you aren’t ready for that stuff at the age society decides, then it’s a huge amount of pressure. Facing the swerve in your 30s is a tough window of time for sure. Instagram | wang_and_yu 合作私訊 | chienming103@hotmail.com

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