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When the Cake Talks

When the Cake Talks

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The When the Cake Talks Foodcast is an exciting new podcast about food and culture hosted by a British historian and a Taiwanese anthropologist of food. The foodcast has four strands: 1. Puddingology: where we examine British desserts and sweet treats, their history, recipes and tastes. 2. Beyond Bao: an exploration of Taiwanese food, which is more than just the world famous baozi buns. 3. Food and Travel in the UK: including some of our personal experiences. 4. The Global Table: about food cultures and food from across the world, with a few guests. Do let us know what you think and we would love to hear about your stories on the subjects we discuss. We hope you enjoy the show! Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/wenn.derkuchen/ Contact: whenthecaketalks@gmail.com