The Stinky Giant written by Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman

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(Read by Mr. H) 臭巨人是一本很有趣的書. 這裡頭最大的問題就是巨人非常的臭. 而且每次洗澡和洗衣服後, 很多的臭水就會從山上流下 來. 於是兩個小朋友Jake 跟 Pepper 去找巨人理論. 巨人跟孩子們有個協議, 巨人出了一個謎題, 如果孩子們答對的話, 巨人就會搬到遠遠的地方. 可是呢, 如果這兩個小孩子輸了呢, 他們就得準備要變成巨人的晚餐囉. 猜猜誰會贏? The Stinky Giant is such an imaginative book. The Giant lives on top of the mountain and whenever he baths and does laundry, the stinky water will flow down, and it bothers Pepper and Jake tremendously. They went up to the mountain and reason with the Giant; the Giant comes out with a riddle, should they solve the riddle, the Giant will move far away. BUT should the kids lost the bet, they will become part of the Giant's smelly soup. Guess who win the bet? Written by Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman, illustrated by Alessia Girasole, published by Random House

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