王雅慧|Draw a Circle

給火星人類學家 To Martian Anthropologists
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Draw a Circle 
在 Draw a Circle 當中,使用者必須順著畫面上的圓形搜索才能找到感應區塊,因此,當他們在這個介面停留期間,眼與手也必須協調一致地回應這個圓形。一旦觸動感應區塊,便會啟動長度一分鐘的錄像作品。藝術家在創作時,常感覺像在浩瀚的宇宙中尋找發亮的星星,而太空船雖然必須由人來駕駛,但也須遵循著宇宙的規則才能順利航行,唯有人與宇宙合作時,方能踏上尋找星星的旅程。

Engaged in video, installation, photography and painting, the artist raises questions from the overlap of reality and imagery about virtual/real, interior/exterior, essence of imagery and viewing experience. The subject in her work concerns the nature in Oriental philosophy and the relationship between human beings and the world. From contemporary experiences of living, she is genuinely interested in the possibilities to incorporate the Oriental thinking into modern life.

Draw a Circle 
2020|Interactive and responsive web page
Users of Draw a Circle must follow the circle on the screen to find the sensor zone. Therefore, during the time when they keep in touch with the interface, the eyes and hands must also respond coordinately to the circle. Once the sensor zone is triggered, an one-minute long video will be played. During the conception, the artist often feels like looking for bright stars in the immense universe. Although the spacecraft must be piloted by human beings, it has to follow at the same time the rules of the universe in order to travel safely. Only when human beings cooperate with the universe, the voyage in search of stars is able to embark.