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Welcome to my podcast, Sleep with Valeria. This is Valeria, I'm a first generation Asian-American, living in the mid-west. 
My story begins when COVID happened, I had trouble sleeping while working at home, then I started exposing myself to sleep and meditation, using meditation techniques for mindfulness, it provided me the peace of mind, and I could sleep more soundly. Have you struggled with sleep from time to time, especially during the pandemic? Join me, join my journey.
I hope to help you tune down your inner mind, release your stress, and provide better quality of sleep, so you can become the better, happier, healthier version of yourself. 
I'll be using Mandarin for the show, with English intro and ending.
Thank you!
大家好,欢迎来到我的播客 - Sleep with Valeria。我是Valeria。我在这里通过冥想和睡前故事,帮助大家在繁忙的生活中,爱护自己,提高睡眠休息质量。中文配音,加英文开场和结尾。
谢谢收听 Sleep with Valeria。我们下周见!
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