#13 看準了 手錶也可以賺大錢

美國夢 你的夢 和史黛一起談天說地 發大財 American Dream Your Dream
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投資有很多種,有些人投資房地產賺錢,有些人投資股票賺錢,有些人投資“愛馬仕“賺錢,今天我們很高興邀請到Zach 來和我們聊聊如何靠投資手錶賺錢。

In the world of investment, most of us can relate to traditional investment such as stocks, real estates, and financial instruments. However most of the common minds don’t really think outside of the box and invest in other exotic assets such as mechanical watches. In this episode, we have a special opportunity to talk to a very exciting guest and close friend who has a keen eye in investing traditional mechanical movement watches. From his early young age, he developed an appetite in discovering, seeking, and collecting exotic watches. Throughout his early age he was able to monetize a great wealth by collecting and trading watches. Let’s sit back and enjoy this conversation with our amazing guest, Zach Lu. He will take us through his journey from a passionate watch hobbyist to a serious collector & investor.