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米果花生 Meego Peanuts

Phyllis, Jonathan

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座標米果加州,這裡是90後設計師(Phyllis)建築師(Jonathan)分享日常所見所聞、記錄生活的小天地。來~ 讓我們用8年級生的角度、設計師的眼光,一起探索討論各種有趣的話題,找到彼此間的共鳴吧!Here we go! Based in SoCal, this is the space for two 20-something Taiwanese, Phyllis (UIUX designer), Jonathan (architectural designer) to share their everyday findings and insights. Come, let us use millennials’ angle, designer’s eye to explore and discuss various interesting topics that we’ll all resonate. Get on board! Instagram: @meegopeanuts 有話想說: meegopeanuts@gmail.com

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